Our lambs are born, raised and finished in the Pemberton Meadows. They live a calm relaxed life savouring and nibbling on the polyculture of grasses that we have in our meadows. We strive to rotate our lambs through our pasture during the summer months which will give them fresh grass to feed off and also help with the regeneration and biodiversity of our soils. 

Our lambs are born early in the year and will be selectively finished in the fall, to ensure our herd can continually move forward from one generation to the next. 



Our bee's are extremely lucky, they are surrounded by organic farmers east to west, and flanked by the coast mountain range north to south, this is the beautiful Pemberton Valley. From sun up to sun down our bee's keep busy all summer long pollenating and gathering nectar. 

In the fall we harvest only the excess honey to ensure our bee's have enough food storage to make it through the winter months. 


2018 Premium Honey Now Available

Premium 2018 Pemberton Haven Honey Now Available Price $20.00 / 500 grams.



Our layers live a lush life in the beautiful Pemberton Meadows. They are allowed to roam free everyday eating plants and insects as all birds should be. We strive to rotate our birds through our pasture which gives them fresh food and terrain to explore every day. During the winter months we supplement our birds diet with vegetables from our root cellar along with high quality commercial feed. These are the reasons why our pastured eggs are so great.